VolunteerKinetic version 4 is released

Hi there,

I’m very pleased to announce that version 4 of our flagship volunteer management sofware, VolunteerKinetic, has now been launched across the country.

The major new addition to this version is the ability to create one of three types of volunteer opportunity; regular, event and flexible.

Regular opportunities are those that occur on a fairly regular schedule, every week or month or every Tuesday and so on. These encapsulate the sort of opportunities that happen at community centres or sports clubs, where volunteers are needed on a regular basis. You can set these opportunities up to last a maximum of six months at a time and volunteers can sign up to all or some of the sessions at anytime before the final session occurs.

Event opportunities make it easier to create opportunities that occur on just a few days over say a weekend. You can specify the number of sessions you have available and the time slot for each one. These sessions can overlap if required.

The flexible opportunity type is a very different beast. It is aimed at those providers who are looking for work placements or internships to be filled by volunteers. Instead of creating individual sessions you set a start, end and closing date along with a maximum number of days available. A volunteer can then sign up for your work placement or internship and a dialogue is opened between the provider and the volunteer where they can organise their own schedule.

There are hundreds of improvements and small bug fixes in this version and we’ll be blogging about some of the more important ones over the next few weeks.

Check out the new version on the demo site.




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