Unified Hour Logging Screen and Prompt

Hi all,

The latest version of VolunteerKinetic has a number of improvements to help the volunteers log hours easily and improve the circle of volunteer management from finding and joining opportunities to recording hours and rewarding volunteers.

On the volunteers homepage there is now an animated hint box (shown in the image below) that alerts a volunteer if they have outstanding hours to log.

Log Your Hours
Log Your Hours

This will slide in from the left highlighting the link the volunteer presses to log these outstanding hours. The log hours page now shows the volunteer every opportunity that has outstanding hours left to log. It gives the volunteer the chance to either log all the hours for each opportunity, or selectively log hours for individual sessions on each opportunity.

A new feature also allows them to log the fact that they could not attend a past session. This is recorded along with zero logged hours and can be reported back to the administrators to build up a reliability profile of each volunteers. The provider can also mark a session as not attended which has the same effect whilst also zeroing any hours the volunteer might have already logged for that session.

You can try out these features at the VolunteerKinetic demo site.



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