Manchester VSB cross the 35,000 volunteer hours mark

Manchester VSB crosses 25,000 volunteer hours
Manchester VSB crosses 25,000 volunteer hours

Manchester City Councils Sports Development team were the first to utilise the power of Volunteer Kinetic with the introduction of Manchester VSB. Since their rollout in 2010 their volunteer numbers have increased dramatically from 30 to over 4600, with volunteer now logging over 35,000 hours.

The VolunteerKinetic system is managed by Craig abel who spends less than one day per week administering the system, allowing him to spend the majority of his time promoting their volunteer Programme.

Here are some hints on how you can do the same:

  • Let VolunteerKinetic do the work, don’t get bogged down with entering information for volunteers or opportunity providers.
  • Get yourself to where potential volunteers gather, whether thats University Freshers Fairs, national competitions or any related major event.
  • Always make sure there is more than enough opportunities for volunteers to look at.
  • Make sure the opportunity titles catchy and interesting.
  • Always include any perks in your description no matter how small you think they are.

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