Student Testimonial using VolunteerKinetic to access work placements

mmuManchester Metropolitan have seen excellent student take-up on their work placement system (powered by VolunteerKinetic).  With over 2500 hours of work experience logged and over 80 companies signed up, the students and the university are delighted with its success and are expecting even greater uptake in the next academic year with the possibility of rolling it out university wide.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and would highly recommend it to any future students. I found that it was a much more hands-on opportunity than what was offered from other companies/agencies on the exchange, a more real-life scenario. From this I learnt new skills, such as: how to construct a marketing plan, designing a questionnaire, conducting a focus group and collating and analysing primary and secondary research. It also gave me a greater insight on what it is like working in a team on creative ideas, this was my favourite part, bouncing ideas between the team to reach a final outcome. I also enjoyed the fact that we were given the freedom to work independently. There was enough help available to give us clear guidance, but at the same time we were able to work creatively without limits and work on campus.

I would add that it is very beneficiary to put on your CV. I have recently been offered an internship at a marketing agency, and much of the interview consisted of questions relating to the experience I have had at Boutinot and what I have learnt from it. ”

Students Testimonial


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