VolunteerKinetic goes International – Partnership with Alnowair of Kuwait hope to make the world a more positive place

Alnowair have a noble goal, to make people feel more positive.  They want people to make the right choices about them selves and how they want to feel.  They believe that we all have the seed of positivity with in us and with the right support we can make the right decisions and help to make Kuwait an even better place to live.  Here at VolunterKinetic HQ, we share these views and  salute the wonderful work Alnowair undertake, we understand how by giving a little of your self can help to make you feel better whilst making your community stronger and a nicer place to live.

It is with great pleasure then that we can announce the partnership between Alnowair and VolunteerKinetic.  Alnowair have a fantastic history of Volunteering but as the organisation has grown they identified a need, a better way to manage, deploy and reward their amazing volunteers.  VolunteerKinetic seemed like a perfect fit.

VolunteerKinetic has signed up to provided Alnowair with a cutting edge Volunteer Management system that can grow and develop as they grow and develop as an organisation.

“Having the opportunity to work with Alnowair and develop our product for use in the middle east has be fantastic.  They are a great group of people who embody what they are trying to share.  Developing a site that combines English and Arabic has proven to be a little tricky, but we hope that VolunteerKinetic will encourage even more people to give their time to the great work Alnowair undertake.”

With the development now complete, Alnowair are about to launch, so watch this space for updates and opportunities from Kuwait.

If you want to see a little bit more about the work Alnowair do, just click on the link below.





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