Why Local Authorities Are Turning Towards VolunteerKinetic

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Most local authorities are now under significant pressure to realise savings with reduced funding in most areas, especially sports and leisure.  The question is how do you increase productivity at the same time as reducing workload.

As you are probably aware the solution in regards to volunteering is relatively straight forward, the organisation needs to employ a service which matches volunteers and volunteer opportunities with minimal interaction by the administrator, but at the same time is able to collect all the relevant KPI information (including number of volunteer hours) to allow you analyse the success of your volunteer service.

Five years ago Manchester were looking for a system which could acheive all of the above objectives, but realised that all the current systems on the market were heavily reliant on an administrator entering large amounts of information into the system.  Reporting and communications were limited with no links to social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) which everyone knows is how a large portion of the general public communicate. In short, the systems available were not fit for purpose.

With this in mind they approached ‘Smarter In Design’ and developed a volunteer service which could meet their requirements.  Since then the system has grown from strength to strength, increasing Manchesters volunteers from 30 to over 3000 in the last 18 months.  Due to the efficiency of the service the administrator only spends 2.5 days per week dealing with these volunteers, enabling them to focus their attention on promoting volunteering rather than getting caught up in phone calls and data entry.

If you are interested in viewing a demonstration of the volunteer management service that is currently in use by Manchester (www.manchestervsb.org).  The volunteer service is called ‘VolunteerKinetic’ and it has had a big impact within manchester and other local authorities across the UK with considerable financial savings and a considerable drop in cost per volunteer hour.


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