VolunteerKinetic Update 5.1


After locking our developers in the basement for a number of weeks with nothing more than laptops and a copy of Katy Price’s autobiography, they have emerged triumphant with pouty lips and some cracking updates to your system.

Flexible Opportunities

Screen Shot 07-29-14 at 08.17 PMFor those of you who are not familiar with ‘flexible opportunities’, they are one of the three types of opportunities you can create within VolunteerKinetic (regular, non-regular and flexible opportunities).  It is used for opportunities where you are not sure when the volunteer will be attending, and allows the volunteer and provider to log their hours as and when they do them.

Flexible opportunities do have a start and end date but they dont have any set sessions, so the volunteer and provider are advised to agree between each other when the volunteer will attend.

Continual Logging

Screen Shot 07-29-14 at 08.47 PM
Log Continuous Hours

The new updated function allows volunteers and providers to log their hours multiple times during and after the opportunity has taken place, and VolunteerKinetic adds any logged hours onto their cumulative total for the opportunity.

Maximum Hours

The provider of the opportunity is still requested to enter a maximum number of hours for the opportunity when it is first created.  Although this is usually a guess it gives the provider the chance to put a ceiling on the number of hours that a volunteer can log, and if required it can always be changed by the provider via the EDIT OPPORTUNITY page.  The maximum number of hours can now be defined by the provider in either DAYS or HOURS, where each day is assumed to consist of 7 Hours.  For example; a flexible opportunity with a maximum length of 3 days would only allow the volunteer to log 21 hours.

Auto Suspend Date

When providers create an opportunity they have the option of suspending it before the opportunity starts.  This is usually used on large events to give time for the provider to organise the volunteers and send them relevant communications prior to the event taking place.  A small issue was identified where the system was suspending opportunities the day before the desired suspend date.  This has now been resolved meaning that if you set the Auto-Suspend date to 1st January, the opportunity will be available for volunteers to join until midnight on 1st January.

Registration Page Update

Screen Shot 07-29-14 at 10.04 PM
Select Country

The registration page now requires volunteers to enter their COUNTRY from a drop-down list.  This is defaulted to UK, but if they choose a different country it will make their POSTCODE and COUNTY field non-mandatory.

At present the country is not available to view or edit anywhere other than the volunteers registration screen, it is simply there to allow volunteers from other countries to be able to register.  In our Version 6 release we plan to fully integrate this field throughout the system, allowing all users (volunteers, providers and admins) to view and edit this information where applicable.  These volunteers will also show on the Map report, where they will appear in the centre of their country giving you an indication of your volunteers spread around the world, but more information on this will be available after version 6 is released.


Copying Opportunities

Administrators and providers have always had the ability to copy opportunities.  This is often used when a provider (or admin) needs to create a number of similar opportunities, where maybe the only difference is when the session take place.  The updated ‘copy opportunity’ function automatically updates the START DATE and END DATE of the opportunity by checking the first and last session date within the opportunity, where before this had to be changed manually  after the session dates were changed.

That is all in terms of major changes, we have our Version 6 update to come out soon with some major changes and fantastic new functions for you to play with.  Please let us know if you come accross any issues with the functions mentioned above, and as always we will be delighted for any feedback.



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