VolunteerKinetic Update 5.2


You will be glad to hear that the geek squad (developers) have managed to do it again by squeezing out a final Version 5.2 release before the much anticipated Version 6 release.  This latest 5.2 release offers a couple of very useful updates for administrators and volunteers in regards to custom fields and search functionality (see below).

The geeks have since been sent back down into the basement with a celebratory glass of diluted Vimto and a Sega Mega-drive with a simple instruction…..Complete version 6 and you will also get a game.

Version 6 Coming Soon…
Additional Custom Fields







For those of you who are now familiar with the custom fields, they allow administrators to add customised questions to the volunteers registration screen.  This was originally limited to questions which required a TEXT, NUMERIC or YES/NO answers.  This latest update allows you to also add questions that require the following types of answers:Drop down fields
Selection Fields
Drop down fields allow the administrator to add questions which require the volunteer to select a single answer from a set list of answers.  And selection fields allow the volunteer to select none, one or multiple options from a set list of answers.

Administrators can add a custom fields by going to SETTINGS > CUSTOM REGISTRATION FIELDS from the menu.

All questions are editable and viewable by both volunteers and administrators, but please try to keep your custom fields to a minimum as the more fields you add, the more likely volunteers will be put off by the length of the registration form.

Volunteer Search Function Update
When volunteers search for opportunities using a key word the system now also searches provider names.

For example if a provider called Nottingham Netball Team create an opportunity called referee, and the volunteer searches for opportunities using the word ‘Netball’.  The updated function will now search opportunity name and also provider names for the word ‘Netball’.

The search function has also been optimised to speed up the return of your search results.





Version 6 Coming Soon…

That is all in terms of changes, but please let us know if you come across any issues with the functions mentioned above, and as always we will be delighted for any feedback.


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