Potential and Legacy – Sports Volunteering conference is a huge success for VolunteerKinetic and Manchester Metropolitan University. Event to be made annual.

It is a with a huge sense of pride we are happy to announce the Sports Volunteer Conference run in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University is to return again next year.  This years event was a real pleasure to be involved in and although we have learned some really useful lessons for the next event, we are already planning and looking forward.

The day was filled with positive stories about how Volunteering and the volunteers them selves make such a difference to events, organisations and to everyday sports people.  Hearing from a wide range of speakers who shared their experiences on the Olympics, the Commonwealth games, Universities and just about everything else in between was really inspiring.

The conference was also an opportunity to pose some difficult questions that as Volunteer organisers and and strategic planners we need to look at.  It was clear that there is a real need for greater insight and understanding about what motivates volunteers, are there different types of volunteer and how we get our clubs to better engage with a wider Volunteer workforce.

Over the next few days we will be releasing some more notes on the event and the slides that were used by the presenters so please feel free to share and use as you require, and I look forward to seeing you all at our next event in 2015.

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