VolunteerKinetic – Opening the lid on Version 6 as it enters testing phase

open-boxVolunteerKinetic version 6 has entered its testing phase and will be ready for release shortly. We’re very excited about this release and are thinking of naming it something other than a simple number increment as its a huge release and represents something of a milestone for VolunteerKinetic. We’ve now got an ever growing user base and engaged volunteers and the number of opportunities available have expanded rapidly. The software has also been used in more varied situations and types of organisations and we have got some fantastic feedback and ideas that has sparked quite a few innovations in the new VolunteerKinetic. I’ll be writing a series of posts talking about specific new features but here are a few quick facts about version 6.

  • We’ve committed 175 changes and bug fixes, ranging from tiny typos to entirely new features and workflows.
  • The CSS and styling has been rewritten to be more responsive and to accommodate the larger screens that are the norm.
  • A brand new media management page for looking after images and files that you can attach to emails.
  • New inline editable system emails for things like volunteer registrations and joining opportunities.
  • Approximately 5500 lines of code have been changed or added.
  • Simple binary thumbs up or down feedback
  • Integration with the Mandrill email service to help increase the success rate for email delivery and open rates.
  • New Google analytics service developed in house to track web views and visitors.
  • Custom URLs for your events

There are lots more features to tell you about but you can always take a sneaky peek at beta.volunteerkinetic.com. Any ideas what the latest version should be called..? Rolf


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