VolunteerKinetic V6 – Applying for Opportunties

This is one in a series of posts where I will be discussing the new features and changes we have built in to version 6 of our volunteer management software VolunteerKinetic.

As the size of the events that VolunteerKinetic is being used for have increased so have the complexities involved in making sure their are enough volunteers for all roles and they are suitably qualified.

We have introduced a number of new features to aid administrators and providers in choosing their volunteers, such as:

  1. a new experience field for each opportunity
  2. the recording of a volunteers movements in and out of sessions on an opportunity.

we have also introduced and entirely new sort of opportunity.

Previously it was always assumed that when a volunteer joined a session they were accepted on that session unless they were told otherwise. For large events this led to an over subscription to certain sessions as volunteers could not indicate which sessions they were able to do but were joining the sessions they wanted to do. Now administrators have the ability to set an opportunity to be an application opportunity.

When a volunteer looks at an opportunity that is set to in “application” mode they are informed that they should indicate all the sessions they are able to do. Once the administrator has organised volunteers into each session they can mark that opportunity as confirmed.

At this point all the volunteers are informed which sessions they have been allocated to. If a volunteer is unable to attend a session the administrator has the history of that session available and can quickly select a volunteer that indicated they could do that session but was not allocated to that session in the first draft.

This is a major new feature that will aid immensely in improving communication between the administrators and the volunteers and reducing the time it takes even out the available volunteers across an entire event or opportunity.


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