What type of Volunteer are you?

On our hunt for stuff to make Volunteering more fun and accessible we found this interesting site from Volunteer Canada. Check it out and see what type of Volunteer you are.

By: Noor Elh, Volunteer

published at


Have you ever wanted to volunteer, but weren’t sure how to start? Do you wonder where you would thrive and the kind of work you would enjoy? Finding the volunteer position that fits you, your passions and personality type can be tricky.

Discover your inner volunteer with the Volunteer Quiz (VQ), developed by Volunteer Canada and Manulife Financial.

Having volunteered for over 4 years, I came across the VQ – the only test for assessing volunteer types online. Unfamiliar with different VQ personalities, I was curious to learn what kind of volunteer I might be!

The VQ identifies six types of volunteers: Cameo, Groupie, Juggler, Rookie, Roving Consultant and Type A. It also helps you find volunteer opportunities based on your type and location.

There are questions about your dream job, your personal wish list for the world and hypothetical scenarios that require a deeper introspection. The VQ asks you to consider your personal and social qualities, how you deal with others and how you handle conflict, among other questions.

My result: Type A volunteer. I’m “a multi-tasking leader who says yes often and means it.” I’m productive, an influencer and a mentor. Interestingly, it’s a description I have heard from previous colleagues and supervisors.

My favourite part was the advice on things to consider (in light of knowing your type) before volunteering with an organization. As a Type A volunteer, the VQ suggested that I avoid volunteer opportunities that “assist,” and focus on openings with the words “lead” and “develop.” The quiz also identified my passion: International Development. Having volunteered in over five countries, it was spot on!

Finally, it was time to receive my “Volunteer Matches,” customized to my volunteer type and location. I got a list of over 40 different opportunities nearby PLUS 70 other virtual opportunities available from anywhere.

And hey, don’t worry – if you feel that you’ve been incorrectly assessed, you can always hit the Start Over button!

– See more at: http://volunteer.ca/blog/what-kind-volunteer-are-you-anyway-tout-compte-fait-quel-type-de-b-n-vole-tes-vous#sthash.tukVjWoJ.dpuf


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