Why It Is Important For Volunteers To Link To Facebook and Twitter

When volunteers first register they end up on their social media page where they are given the option to link their new account with their Facebook or Twitter account.  Many volunteers are keen to join a specific opportunity or are unsure about what messages will be sent to their social media account, so they choose to skip this step and rarely return to the social media page to complete the link.

Spreading The Word

Every time a volunteer Joins An Opportunity or Logs Hours the system can automatically send Twitter or Facebook messages which help promote your system to their friends.

Screenshot2If one of their friends clicks on the link at the bottom then it will take them to the specific opportunity on your site.  This acts as a effective way of promoting your site not only to their friends but the friends of their friends via Re-tweets and Sharing  of Facebook Posts.

Google Rankings

One of the key ways that Google ranks your webpage is by trawling through the internet and seeing how many times it appears.  When an opportunity is created the web address for the opportunity appears once on the internet, but if your volunteers share it then it will appear many more times (as shown below).  This will make a huge impact on your Google score pushing you higher up the rankings.


How do I get my volunteers to link to Facebook or Twitter?
Administrators frequently come into contact with their volunteers during group registrations, inductions and at opportunities.  Do not be afraid of asking the question “Are you telling your friends about all the good work you are doing via Facebook or Twitter?“.

CaptureMany volunteers will not be aware that they can link to social media at any time by going to PROFILE > SOCIAL NETWORK from their menu.

Others may be afraid of sharing their information, but you can put them at ease by informing them that the system does not capture any of their data from their Facebook or Twitter account.  Reassure them that they can unlink their social media accounts at any point with a click of a button.

You can also send out an email or SMS text to all volunteers asking them to link up their account, a prompt every six months will not annoy the volunteers who have already linked their accounts, and will also act as a reminder to those who haven’t.

If you have any further questions regarding this subject then please do not hesitate to raise a support ticket or phone the support line.



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