CSP News: Manage Your School Volunteering Programmes

New VolunteerKinetic Update Allows Your Schools To Manage Their School Games, Sports Leaders, Duke Of Edinburgh And Citizenship Awards

The new features in VolunteerKinetic version 6.5 have been specifically built to assist CSPs with managing their schools volunteer programmes. By implementing VolunteerKinetic you would be giving schools in your area the ability to promote and manage all of their own volunteer opportunities, leaving you to view the reports and concentrate on promoting sport across your region.

Allows schools in your area to:

  • Register on your system and customise their own student facing webpage
  • Create volunteer opportunities and limit them to their students or specific groups of students
  • Students can register on your system and automatically be linked to the school
  • Schools can communicate with specific groups of students
  • Students hours can be logged and authenticated

Allows you to:

  • Report on your volunteer programmes in real-time.
  • Removes the need to chase up schools for volunteer hours
  • Create custom area lists so you can search for volunteers or logged hours by bespoke regions (eg. North, Central, South)
  • It also acts as a natural pathway to keep volunteers interested in volunteering after they leave school as they can still join other opportunities on your system.



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